fully armoured bullet-proof vehicles

From the outset, the safety of our client’s, their customers, the general public and our own staff are of the highest order for RMI Armoured and its staff.

Underpinning our approach to the provision of armoured services is the idea of being “predictably unpredictable” which results in us regularly changing our methods of operation to make it difficult for potential offenders.

To further that idea, RMI Armoured uses the services of professional, highly trained, disciplined and fully licensed armed guards to protect your valuables.

Your valuables may include your banking, transfers of cash, money, gold, other metals, jewellery, artworks or valuable items or cargo.

Our services can be provided on a regular basis such as daily or weekly or on an ad hoc basis. The key is to work on satisfying our client’s needs.

Weekend and after hour services are also available including collections from special events.

To ensure the safe handling and transportation of your cash and other valuables, we use a variety of unmarked vehicles including a fully armoured vehicle with bullet-proof glass and armoured protective plating.

we have guards available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

While our officers are uniformed, we can also provide plain-clothes officers to deal with specific needs or issues. These can be discussed with one of our staff.

While to the layman cash is often mistakenly viewed as the primary product requiring armed escorts, RMI Armoured provides a comprehensive service for a wide range of purposes.

These purposes may include the use of an armoured vehicle for VIPs requiring professional protection services.

Other purposes may include transporting precious metals, such as gold and silver bars, jewellery including uncut gemstones, foreign currency and cheques.

Sometimes, the risk associated with and level of protection of traditional transportation and courier services is not sufficient for valuable antiquities, securities, confidential documents and pharmaceutical drugs. This is where RMI Armoured is available to assist.

All RMI Armoured personnel are licensed and qualified to carry firearms and undergo strenuous vetting and background checks to ensure their suitability.

To arrange a quote, make a booking or for more information on RMI Armoured services, contact us today. It is obligation free.