Complete surveillance services

RMI Investigations provides licensed surveillance services for both business and personal investigations.

Many businesses require factual investigation services and surveillance, both on and off-site, when dealing with claims. Our services can be used to help with disciplinary issues with staff, by providing irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing.

Unfortunately some employees and members of the public deliberately attempt to extort money from businesses, with fraudulent claims or theft of company materials. Our surveillance systems, both visible and covert, can aid in ensuring the correct outcome and head-off potential costly litigation.

Our trained staff provide an investigative service specifically designed to deal with workers compensation, accident and injury claims. Our officers are trained to provide evidence in any court proceedings related to our investigations.

Our surveillance tasks cover a wide range of areas including personal, business, commercial and industrial as well as loss as fraud and loss. RMI Investigations also provides pre-employment checks to ensure your potential new employees are suitable for your business.

we have guards available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Forensic Computer Investigations

RMI Investigations has highly skilled computer analysts who can track computer usage to determine who is accessing your system and what data is being accessed.

This particularly important in investigations where there is the possibility of malicious use systems or deletion of critical data.

We provide file recovery and system interrogation services to help businesses in cases of accidents, along with recommendations on protection and management of data systems.